Thermalpark in Veľký Meder is open all year, 365 days, including bank holidays, is waiting for all visitors, who wish to recreate and relax. The spa is located next to a 100 acre large forest park betwenn Dunajská Streda and Komárno, 10 kms away from the Hungarian border and 65 kms from Budapest.

In all it’s 9 pools is the thermal water temperature between 26 – 38 °C, what due to it’s composition has a beneficial effect against locomotor and arthritic diseases and helps the body to regenerate more effective.

In the covered recreation center besides 4 pools you find yacuzzi, massage, biosolarium, sauna world, bioptron treatment, beauty salon, Bemer magnet therapy, Ceragem thermoacupressure massage bed, restaurant and a bar.

During summer tourist season are 9 feature packed pools with 3400 m2 area open along with restaurants, bars offering a wide selection of food and drinks, 3 water slides, sport courts, baby island, water aerobic, table tennis, dodgem ring and playgrounds make the day more exciting and comfortable.

Thermalpark in Veľký Meder… The best place for a family holiday…
Thermal Corvinus - Bláznivé leto
Thermal Corvinus - Detský bazén s hracími elementmiDetský bazén s hracími elementmi
Thermal Corvinus - Hrad Orliaka morského
Thermal Corvinus - Korytnačí hrad
Thermal Corvinus - Krytý bazén
Thermal Corvinus - Krytý plavecký bazén
Thermal Corvinus - Perličkový kúpeľ
Thermal Corvinus - Plavecký bazén
Thermal Corvinus - Rekreačný bazén
Thermal Corvinus - Rodinný a zábavný bazén
Thermal Corvinus - Športové ihriská
Thermal Corvinus - Taliansky bazén
Thermal Corvinus - TARZANIA - Lezecká dráha
Thermal Corvinus - Toboganový park
Thermal Corvinus - Vnútorné detské ihrisko
Thermal Corvinus - Vonkajší detský bazén
Thermal Corvinus - Vstupná hala
Thermal Corvinus - Wellness
Thermal Corvinus - Zábava
Thermal Corvinus - Z vtáčej perspektívy

Water pan mill in Jelka

Water pan mill in Jelka in the south-west of Slovakia is a remarkable technical monument in the central European scale. It is a three-storied wooden mill of a kind one cannot see in the neighbouring countries.

The mill stands on the left bank of the river Malý Dunaj. Its riverbed meanders in the administrative territory of the village Jelka. The 23 kilometre long section of river meanders in combination with vegetation creates original intimate nooks and offers all that is desirable for tourism on water.

The oldest written mention about this mill is from 1894. Originally it was a boat mill owned by Jozef Németh and his son. It was rebuilt in 1900. The milling started in August 1906. The mill operated until 1951. Thanks to the Museum of Homeland studies in Galanta and the municipal office of Jelka, the structure was renewed in 1992 and a small open-air museum dedicated to the farming past of the village was established near it.

The reconstructed mill is accessible to public. A well equipped camping site is near the mill. It offers refreshment, option to camp and to anchor boats.

Vodný kolový mlyn v Jelke
Vodný kolový mlyn v Jelke
Vodný kolový mlyn v Jelke
Vodný kolový mlyn v Jelke

Pan mill in Tomášikovo

The pan mill in Tomášikovo in the south-west of Slovakia is one of few surviving water mills in Slovakia with bottom mill race. Today is the technical monument, which demonstrates the past milling activities in southern Slovakia.

The mill stands about 2 km west of the village Tomášikovo on the river Malý Dunaj in point of its confluence with the brook Suchý. Miller János Maticza built it in 1893. The last reconstruction and modernization of the mill took place in 1940. The mill operated until 1960. In 1982 it was reconstructed and adapted as an exhibit of the Museum of Homeland studies in Galanta.

The structure of the mill with shingle rood and a large driving wheel using the bottom water stands of pillars made of locust wood. The mill is still functional. It contains its original interior furniture and original milling utensils. It is accessible via a little footbridge from the riverbank.

The mill is set in the charming environment of alluvial forest and on the tourist water route. Small boats can anchor in the vicinity of the mill; camping and swimming is also possible.

Kolový mlyn v Tomášikove
Kolový mlyn v Tomášikove
Kolový mlyn v Tomášikove
Kolový mlyn v Tomášikove

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